Use These Simple Tips To Get Assistance With Your Video Games

Video games aren’t just for kids these days. They provide a wide selection of games that people of all ages can enjoy playing. It’s really no wonder that our modern popular culture is so obsessed with gaming overall. In this article we will be providing you with some excellent cheats, tricks and tips to make enhancements to your gaming experience.


Make sure you understand how multiplayer works. If you are purchasing a game exclusively for its multiplayer, be sure you have everything necessary for it. If you’re planning on playing against another household member, you may discover that you are going to need two separate copies of the game for playing against one another.

Invite your family and friends to play a favorite video game of yours. You can catch up on things and spend quality time with them while playing your favorite game. They might end up wanting to purchase a copy of their own and then you will be able to play together from each of your houses.

Moderation in all things is important, and it isn’t any different when it comes to playing video games. It isn’t healthy to play for hours on end, either mentally or physically. There are a couple of game that are available that are aware of this and have measures include that remind you every so often to take a break. However, you should take the initiative on your own! Set an alarm and limit to yourself to only playing for one hour at a time.

When searching for certain titles of console video games, don’t forget about the secondary market. There are a number of places where you can find used games in good condition. They are available online through auction sites and individual resellers, both as collections and as single titles. You can buy used copies offline at flea markets, music and video stores and game stores.

Video games can be very expensive. One way of increasing you or child’s selection of games is to organize a video game co-op with friends or neighbors. Print lists out of the games that each person has, come up with a check-out system, and let people borrow video games for certain periods of time. Come up with good rules and then make sure you stick with them.

Review the rating of a video game carefully before allowing young children to play them. Video games that are considered to be particularly violent have an 18+ rating. Don’t allow these games to be played by children or for them to watch while you are playing them. Violent games can be upsetting for children and cause them to have nightmares.

Video games can be used to make your family more close knit. Even with all today’s video games, it is fairly rare for adults and children to play video games together even though that can be a lot of fun for everyone. Games focusing on family activity and education are great choices for everybody to wind down in the evening.


If you are an an avid game, you might want to purchase a high quality television that can provide you with a quality display for your games. That is particularly applicable for those playing sports games on a frequently basis, since you want to get as much as you can out from your graphics in order to maximize your game play overall.

Clearance sales are everywhere these days. Numerous video rental establishments these days are having great difficulties trying to survive in the digital media age. If you discover that a store is permanently closing its doors, you may be able to find some incredible deals. Usually these games will be in decent condition, but you might need to clean them.

There are a number of different ways that the video game world can be approached. We have provide you with some of these ways in this article. Use the information and tips that you have just learn to take an tire new approach to game stores and your favorite games. And don’t forget to look for help from time to time in different places. There is certainly no shame in that.

10 Best Free iPhone Puzzle Games

If you are looking for head scratching puzzle games without using money to buy them, then this is your lucky day. We have taken the time to research and find some of the best and yet free iPhone games. Some of these games have some sort of in-app purchase system, which usually unlocks more puzzles, power-ups and hints.

These iPhone games have been designed to keep you entertained, increase knowledge and even in some play with friends and family. Let us see you complete all of them.

1. Block X3

block block block

Block X3 is a great game where players are given limited number of moves to line everything up without straggling. In other words, users are supposed to use as little moves as possible to align each box to its position. The game offers over 300 puzzles, which is constantly increases its complexity. As you continue to play, you will start to see multiple colors of tiles to keep matched and tiles that will improve your movements.

For a great selection of sharply designed logic puzzles, Block X3 is the best choice for you.

2. Chip Chain


The Chip Chain is a polished casino designed match up game. Players are required to line up and match the same numbered chips that translate into a single of a higher denominator. The player and the virtual dealer take turns putting new chips on the board, each attempting to reach the highest score possible through matching. The game player gets 3 cards that is intended to help them to make a key strategic change to the board. The game offers different game modes depending on the day it is. However, the game has an in-purchase system that you could use to make all modes available at once.

3. The PixWords – A New But Interesting Game


With 21 words: Hungarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Greek, and polish, Turkish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English.

Every word is a crossword puzzle hidden in a picture, where a player is required to solve. When one word is solved, you open another letter, which gradually unravels the entire puzzle.

Game Features

• Simple Rules
• It is a free game
• Available with more than 350 levels
• Applicable to iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
• Hundreds of words and pictures
• One of the best ways to improve language vocabulary

if you need help with this game you can go to this site:

4. Dots


Dot is casual, light and addictive game as well. The player is required to line similar colored spots as fast as they can. At the same time, you have limited number of moves and time to match up the colored dots. You could also receive bonuses for tracing a closed loop. When the time and moves run out, all the matched dots are gathered and can be used to spend on consumable power ups. The best thing about this game is that it does support local multiplayer.

5. Flow Free


Flow free is a very simple game but interesting. The aim is to connect two same colored dots on a grid, while you make sure they do not intersect with other line on the board. Therefore, with this game, you have to make sure that you have taken time to select the best route and the route to start putting first. The game is free to download and play offering 1200 puzzles and through its in-purchase system, you could receive another 1440 puzzles through a $3.99 cost.

6. Puzzle Craft


The name says it all. A Puzzle Craft player accumulates resources using 2 puzzle games that are then used to craft various tools and building your village. The game is not only interesting but addictive as well. Lining up enough of a single resource will spawn one of a higher tier when new tiles drop down from the top. In the farm game, the player is required to gather various food products, which are then spent on feeding workers for the mining game. In other words, there are many puzzles under one puzzle game.

Puzzle craft is a perfect mix of short-term puzzle goodness and long-term city building.

7. QatQi


For those who have played this game will tell you that QatQi is a unique crossword puzzle. The players are given a handful letter tiles that need to be used in their entirety to complete a stage, which could be a challenge given the complexity of some of the level layouts. You will only discover them as you continue to play. The score multipliers and coin objectives also become available as you continue playing the game. The game needs a lot of attention since it is head scratching.

Give this game a try today and experience the best in app games for your iPhone.

8. Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz is a classic puzzle game. Just like the Tetris you know and love, players still are required to line up and slot an un-ending parade of oddly shaped blocks to form a solid row, which are then calculated as points. Remember, just like the Tetris you played those days when you were a kid or a teen through battery powered portable brick game, you could rotate the brocks and even change their shape and appearance. Well, it is a fun game to have in your iPhone. It is a refreshing and yet exciting game to play.

9. Trid


Trid is another clever and yet unique puzzle game where players are presented with a pattern on a 3 X # grid and they have to recreate it as quickly as they could. The game gives players the ability to increase their scores through multipliers if you go on for a long time without making a mistake. The moment you have completed a target square rotate a few time, the more it becomes complicated by offering unique patterns. There are a lot of games this game has to offer which include mirror mode, death and time attack.

The game is available in two versions, which includes free and paid version. However, the paid version is found through an in-app purchase system available in the free game.

10. Triple Town

Triple Town

The Triple Town is a great game as well. The game offers limited grid and players are required to merge adjacent times of the same type. The system makes neat hierarchy 3 shrubs merge into a bush, 3 bushes into a tree, 3 trees into a house, and much more. The ever-shifting board requires one to be very careful.

Triple Town is a game designed for kids offering which comes with a cartoony design, making the puzzle best for kids and it offers a lot of replay values.


Cell Phone Games Everyone Should Try

Without question, video games are one of the funnest and most creative forms of entertainment ever created. However, this high quality entertainment comes with a price tag, as you will pay between $50 and $60 a pop when you are looking to buy one of these games. The consoles to play these games will cost a few hundred dollars. However, if you want to save some money on your favorite video games, you can follow the tips laid out in this article.


Let’s say you are looking to buy games for a kid. First, you should be certain that you have a chat with them, as opposed to just buying these games on a whim. Buying a sports game is very different from buying something like an action or roleplaying game, so you should make sure that you understand your child’s taste in games as well.

You should also take great care of your eyes by making sure that you are able to tweak your settings whenever possible. The average video game will also come with some settings that you can utilize in order to fix the visual settings in a way that works for you. This way, if you are in a level that has darkness, such as in a cave or a night time setting, you will be adversely affected. You can always turn the brightness levels up in order to help you out.

If you are planning to buy a game, you can keep some money in your pocket by deciding to get it used, as opposed to new. If you are not dead set on getting the game the very first day that it is released, consider waiting for a bit, so that you can buy a used copy and save some money in the process. You will save some money and will be able to enjoy it as if it is brand new.

Keep in mind that playing games with your kid is a great way to spend time with them. You will get plenty of bonding time, while also having an idea of what they are playing. It’s not always a mindless activity either. Your kids can play games that are educational and can also improve things like memory and coordination.

If you are going to play a new game, make sure that you pick up a gamer’s guide or cheat book. In most situations, this is something that you will need to buy separately. You can either read the guide before playing the game, so that you know what to expect, or can buy the guide once you are in the middle of playing it. This will allow you to completely maximize on the experience.

One of the best things about libraries now is that you don’t have to buy video games now to try them, because you can check games out at the library. You can get in touch with your local library and rent them out whenever you need to, as long as you have a membership and a library card.

Any time you are going to play a game online, make sure that you are securing any personal data. This way, you won’t become the target of scammers and hackers. Protect your log-ins also, so that people cannot use your account.

You can check out great reviews for games on Metacritic, to make sure that you are not buying a dud. This is a great place to turn in order to know what you are getting ahead of time.

Games are pricey, but save some money and make the most out of this by following this guide.

The Worst 5 Android Games You Should Never Download

We usually focus on recommending you great resources and apps you can try. However, this article is about the worst ever games for Android mobile devices we beg you to avoid at all costs.

The Google Play Store’s admission process is a bit lax, thus making it possible for such apps to find their way to this marketplace and from here to your smartphone or tablet. You can find anything from cocaine apps to Frozen pregnancy simulators, so there’s no wonder sometimes we hurry up to hit the uninstall button.

angry birds

1. Prison Life RPG
This app does exactly what its name suggests. You find yourself in a prison, forced to climb your way to the top of the hierarchic scale. This game is only 10p on Android, but it is so awful that you can forget about it. Dialogues are horrible and the music is very annoying. Besides, the stereotypes are truly offensive. There’s even a point in the game where you have to bend forward to pick the soap. Believe me, do yourself a favor and forget about this app, as it isn’t worth wasting your time when there are so many interesting things to do in this world.

2. Nose Candy
There is a game in the Android market which allows you to pretend snorting coke off your screen. It is banned from iPhone, this being one of the selling points of the developers. This app costs £1.49, way too much for something as useless as imaginary coke sniffed off the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

3. Ice Queen Give Birth To A Baby
If you have children, you probably remember Elsa from Frozen. In this app, she gives birth to a baby. Too bad the app targets an audience which is way too young to be interested in pregnancy and childbirth. Nonetheless, the stork is also involved in the app. Unfortunately, this game is only one of the Princess Pregnancy sub-genre of apps you (or your children) should never check out.

4. Awesome Pee Challenge
There’s nothing awesome about a pee challenge, but the developer felt the need to put this word in the title, nonetheless. By the way, this is the dame developer as Prison RPG, just for you to know it, should you be thinking to download this app. Awesome Pee Challenge allows you to urinate in various places. You can control the stream and you can even have various levels of difficulty. Maybe you need to do it against the wind, who knows?

5. Pimple Popper
Are you a fan of squeezing your pimples? Now you can do it safely on your Android device. This is definitely one of the weirdest sub-genres in the Android market. If you thought The Sims were a nothing but a time hog, what would you believe of this app that lets you squish one spot after the other, all day long? Pimple Popper has got more than 11,000 one star reviews, so you can see that people aren’t too impressed with popping virtual pimples instead of real ones. The only cool thing about this game is that it can be downloaded for free. Additionally, it has 12 faces you can pop, so perhaps you should give it a try. As a matter of fact, I might go download it right now and see how good I am at popping pimples.